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1 Month Review of my oculus

1 Month Review of my oculus

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·Jun 20, 2022·

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After using oculus for Development, Playing games, socialising and for fitness. Let me elaborate on features, productivity and product review. These are of my personal feedbacks on each category.


The first thing I did in Oculus was to play the over hyped BeatSaber. It’s actually worth the hype. Gaming in any VR would give you an immersive experience and oculus joins the list of one among. Other games i tried was Gunraiders (Personally i liked it a lot), Echo, pavlov. Oculus is worth the money for playing games. especially its standalone and make yourself untie from system. Some games have clarity issues and some has latency issues. people with motion sickness could avoid playing more focused.


My primary goal was to become a fully VR Developer from mobile developer. Looking into market oculus was the most affordable thing I can find and it serves the purpose as I’m a newbie. The tutorials and help i’m getting from the community is very helpful in fast onboarding. Never thought I found so many enthusiast this quick. Listing down some of the reference that are updated and helped me in becoming oculus dev.

  • Unity-tutorial — This tutorial from unity can help you from setting up for development to basic Oculus development.
  • OculusSDK Tutorial : Dilmer is a talented XR Dev and has a lot of free videos that helped me in understanding Oculus sdk’s.
  • mathew : My inspiration to work in XR field. Do checkout his amazing videos.
  • Finally the backbone and the support system my Discord group. A bunch of XR dev’s from supporting in tutorials, providing free assets, and lots and lots of discussions.

Will be writing more of dev and tech in future blogs.


From Spatial to workrooms, have explored few apps on meeting rooms in metaverse and exploring parks, beaches, art-gallery and museums. it was so realistic and the future in metaverse is going to make people come together collaborate learn and work more closer than ever. Few of the people i met in these places and interacting was Uber cool. Attending meetings in work room. Collaboration with non oculus users were also good.


Not much of a fitness enthusiast but I explored 2–3 apps and was fascinated by the way it was made. Attended boxing, cardio and Dance session and it was all fun. Personally I felt this could be learnt more live than in meta. sometime you may end-up in wrong exercise. Can’t suggest for all but people who have previous experience may find it less fun. Still there is a long way to go and people are in the verge of building the next big things. I hope it may improve in future.

Over all Product review:

The device is good, I love the packing and I still use the same box to pack up everyday night after working with it. Battery wise its good and never saw any issues. As its a VR You must have to take breaks in between. Coming to the roomScale boundary and stationary boundary. RoomScale is kind of flaky and can disturb your experience when you are slightly near the object. Stationary boundary can be enlarged in some cases and sometime can be small. I feel like it has to be dynamic-stationary (Crazy IK) option. The controllers are super handy and has a good grip except if you are too much involved in game you may hit both side. Connecting wise its good, I use oculus developer hub for my stats and connection it may mess up your Android library while building. I suggest you to close oculus developer hub while building the app. The cable can be pretty lengthy so we can test in full form. still you can buy it in online.

Progress not perfection.

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