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How an hour analytics work can bring a change in companies revenue

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·Aug 11, 2021·

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Drafted this blog in 2017, couldn't resist sharing with you people.

After being a Google certified data analyst [Specialist in E-Commerce] I took myself deep into my companies data and found that some meager correction in our system through data analysis may bring a huge difference in our revenue .

  • Warehouse management
  • Product Sourcing
  • Salesman Management

So, thinking from a data analyst view, I can sort this with some algorithm and with the so far collected data. No stories, I’ll straightly jump to my concept.

Warehouse management : Issue with the warehouse management is the availability of stock. Assume that we have 3 warehouse in major cities and having equal stock everywhere.

  • Some set of stock are less selling in city 1 & that are higher selling in city 2 so that I need to move products from warehouse 1 to warehouse 2. — Predicting that before and storing my products in relevant warehouse may reduce my logistics cost, focus on more customer and time saving.
  • Based on the product traffic in city I can predict where to keep my warehouse to provide a faster delivery.

Product Sourcing :

  • Source products that are selling in Indian market — Analyse products & their price from Indian Ecomm with our price and make it competitive.
  • Choose the category that are most used from our Traffic
  • Source new products based n customer review — Understand them from comments and reviews.

Salesman management :

  • In a B2B E-Commerce, Its hard to maintain the perfect person on sales. — Analyst the daily, weekly & Monthly reports and give them the score for each products
  • Choosing the best fit — Relevant products to Relevant people makes the best sell.
  • Giving score based on previous to predict the next month sales and boosting them can improve the revenue.

I’ll update my code in GitHub later this evening. But I’m sorry for the data set.

Keep in touch with my profile to know deeply in the above topics.

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