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How I converted my room into a Virtual reality Game?

How I converted my room into a Virtual reality Game?

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·Jun 28, 2022·

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This idea occurred to me when I came across a video on Instagram where someone tried designing their future room from a 2d diagram. Then as usual was searching for similar content on youtube and figured out a tutorial which isn’t much of a help but was a starting point though.

Ok. So if you have come across oculus you might have seen 2 types of boundary

  • Stationary Boundary
  • RoomScale Boundary

  • Here I wanted to use RoomScale so I can wander around in my room in both worlds. So first I have to measure my room in the real world and start designing it in Unity. I used the measure app from Apple ( I used it in several other projects and the accuracy is better than other apps).

  • Draw a simple room sketch in a note, I preferred a plane long note so I can sketch freely. Do the Line drawing of your room along with the objects present.
  • Then i took a picture probably scan it via the notes app and upload the image to unity so we can draw a 3d version from it.
  • I used Unity ProBuilder to design a 3D scene from the sketch. (Detailed tutorial of Probuilder Coming soon)
  • Now you have the basic structure of the room Try adding all the 3d models similar to the rooms. I used sites like UnityAsssets, sketchfab, free3d and CGTrader. Placed it in right place and try playing it in Unity.
  • Now time for Oculus Integration, as explained earlier in my previous blog following all the steps. I have my kit ready. This time i used OculusIntegrationSampleCameraRig which has all functionalities included.
  • I removed the Ray Interactor and added Hand interaction to make it cooler.
  • Now try running it in Unity you might have the basic room design, which won't be much of a game. To make that happen I used lighting wherever I can and added particles.
  • Now it started getting a vibe.
  • Add music and small 3D Model interaction like moving books, Scribbling on a whiteboard and playing a video in Monitor.
  • From here I planned to add some secret objects hidden somewhere to use in the room and make it more Intractable.

Here is a small glimpse of the making video. Hope you all like it.

Code available on Github.

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