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Making a Movie recommendation IOS App — Part 2

Making a Movie recommendation IOS App — Part 2

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·Aug 17, 2020·

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In the previous story we have made a recommender engine which recommends movies based on collaborative filtering. Now the result we obtained is not a deliverable one.

Let’s make a app which can preview the movie list based on user’s watched movies and finish the end to end product.

l’ll just make a simple IOS app that can fetch the data from my python server and publish it.

Language : Swift

Tools : XCODE

code to retrieve data from server

The design is a simple tableview which shows the movies list and on tapping on the fav movie, the api call triggers with a movie name and produce results obtained my the engine in a json format.

The steps involved are very basic ios script but i wrote this blog just to show how a data analysis project can give a closure and make it as a deliverable one for real world use. In the next story will do a content based filtering and move the data analysis to Google cloud engine.

The real time application listing the movie recommendation ater the user watched starwars.

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