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My First Oculus App

My First Oculus App

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·Jun 21, 2022·

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It was always a dream to make something magical, something that tells story, something that take people to a different dimension exploring it. From a mobile dev to AR developer the transition was pretty easier when coming to VR, it’s not the same story.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.

And, here is my first fully VR App for oculus. It was not hard when you have the resources like Unity learning, medium and few others.

After buying my oculus i didn’t sit and code. I want to explore what other devs had made. It was super fun to play Beat-Saber, Explore places in Venues, attending meetings in Workrooms, hanging out in Spatial and working out in FitXr. It was Uber cool and gave me lot of perspectives. Joined Discord groups to meet like minded peoples, asked queries and must say the help we get here is really impressive.

The first app i call it “ STR’S Room ” is a simple room with intractable components and an intro experience. Here I learnt about creating a place, how to set lightings (Its the Most important) that make people believe they exist there, adding relatable sounds, making objects intractable and more. You can wander around place and use things there to make you feel more alive.

  • It has a ball & tennis racket to play.
  • A TV with remote to play and pause videos.
  • A mirror but you cant see you but can see hands.
  • A Fire place and comfy couch with a mesmerising view from 30th floor.

Demo video :

Code available in github :

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