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Why I love mixing AI & AR ?

Why I love mixing AI & AR ?

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·Aug 12, 2021·

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It’s in year 2016, when I was introduced to AR by a friend from college. Back in those days AR Seems to be a costly piece of tech, I always wonder how AR is gonna gain value in market. We used vuforia those days for image detection and placing objects and used to think about the tech behind that. Then I moved on with IOS Development making apps for all Apple products.

After 2 years I thought of looking back on the tech that I admired the most. In these years i trained myself in mobile app development, computer vision and data analysis and worked on several products that are now deployed in the market. Now when I moved back to AR I got a feel that it's still the costly tech that I thought in 2018. Companies like Snapchat and Facebook are trying their best in the market to give AR to everyone still some use cases needed costly pieces of tech.

Also on another hand, AI had a massive reach and there are lots of wonderful Data scientists making things cooler than I thought is achievable in a short span. Greater tech companies started mixing AI with AR trying the other way around to produce a seamless transition of products.

Unity now is using AI in game development for making the experience more realistic and competitive for the gamer. We (AR Developers) are trying similar ideas in AR making things that are not achievable via low-cost mobile phones. Replacing trained models in place of lIDAR and high-end cameras to achieve the same effectiveness in AR.

Though there are complications we know the advancement in AI is taking a peak, this could be a great start. Writing this blog because I found something useful in my recent learnings. We can use trained models instead of iPhone 12pro OR Arkit4 to achieve more extraordinary things. Even there are lots of other use cases. In my upcoming article, I’ll share some implementations and my Github project in my next blog. It’s still in Beta & will be available to the public eyes soon.

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